This Roma by Light Entry Brings Organic Illumination to Urban Alleys

 - Nov 26, 2011
References: industrialdesignserved
There is a definite aesthetic and structural archetype when it comes to streetlights, and one which this Roma by Light entry strives to evade. Designed as a submission for a competition to illuminate Rome, this concept for great glowing antlers offers great radiance and an abstraction that offsets the rigid right angles of the surrounding architecture.

Dario Cavaliere has conceived an organic arboreal shape with a tapering trunk and a pair of branchlike offshoots. A sturdy contouring structure allows both opposite flat faces of the lamppost to illuminate from base to tips with the use of LED lighting technology. It is possible from here for this Roma by Light project to take on a full spectrum of colors so that blue or green treelike street lights can bring vivid life into the sleepy city.