From Bambi Threesome to Gay Dolphins

 - Jul 25, 2008
References: museumofsex & bloomberg
Did you know that both the male and female spotted hyena have penises? New York's Museum of Sex (MoSex) shares this information and much more in its new exhibit, `The Sex Lives of Animals'.

"We're creating a new natural history through our presentation,'' Sarah Jacobs, MoSex's curator, said in an interview with Bloomberg.

"When you look at animals in the typical natural history museum context, their genitalia is often missing, and it just becomes a discussion about reproductive sex.''

The standout pieces in the exhibit include, "Deer Threesome'' which is pretty self-explanatory, and Gay Dolphin pieces where fins are used a male genital. There is even a male bonobo soliciting sex in exchange for a sugar cane!

The exhibit will be active through Spring 2009.