10 Artists Use the Shft Brand Hand in Graphic Posters

 - Mar 17, 2009
References: thisissue.dk & artrebels
Spot anything weird in this poster? The glove antlers, for instance...

These posters are part of a project between Shft, a Danish design and graphics bureau, and This Issue, a fashionable designer store situated in the heart of Copenhagen. The Shft-boys have asked 10 young up-and-coming artists to play with their identity: a logo of hands doing the "okay" sign.

The artists have made their own interpretation of the brand hands and produced these brilliant and quirky limited edition posters. The artists in the gallery include Louise Filt Mertens, Jakob Tolstrup, Rafaela de Campos, Rafaela de Campos, Kristina Broen, and Sacha El-Azem.