From Defaced Film Posters to Zombified Movie Homages

 - Jun 19, 2013
These creative, clever and often hilarious, fan-made film posters demonstrate just how deeply a single movie can affect its audience. Each of these creations was inspired by iconic films, from blockbusters, like The Avengers to cult classics like Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Several of these fan-made creations poke fun at different films, like the sloth-faced movie posters. These weird, albeit hilarious, posters replace actors' and actresses' faces with that of a sloth. These sloths have graced the posters of everything from Iron Man to Pulp Fiction, proving that nothing is too ridiculous for the Internet.

Other creations produced by die-hard fans are more artistic, and serve to augment the films' beauty while encouraging people to see it if they haven't already. One such series is the darkly cinematic Disney poster collection. The artist behind this stunning feat took different Disney posters and re-vamped them to make each one into a dark, optical illusion. Each poster is more beautiful than the last, and is sure to leave an impression on even the most lackluster of Disney fans.

Films are a staple of pop culture in the modern day. People wait in line for tickets to premieres, grit their teeth as they see the newly released trailer for the next installment in their favorite series, and, as these posters demonstrate, create gorgeous art to pay tribute to those films that should not be forgotten.