These 'F**k You! It's January' Posters Poke Fun at Movie Releases

 - Jan 21, 2012
References: redlettermedia & facebook
The winter season seems to be when Hollywood studios release all of their potential failures, and these 'F**k You! It's January' film posters express the anguish and annoyance of movie-goers everywhere.

The 'F**k You! It's January' posters originated from Red Letter Media’s ‘Half in the Bag’ web series in which they review current and obscure films. In their latest episode, co-host Jay Bauman hilariously quipped that movies released during the month of January may as well be titled, "'F**k you! It's January," since there’s very little artistic merit that goes into these productions and making money seems to take precedence. The team at Red Letter Media then made a series of mock posters of January 2012 releases and incorporated them into the episode.

For those thinking bad cinema experiences are exclusive to January, Red Letter Media continues the photoshopped poster series into February.