Undead Movie Posters from Matt Busch Will Consume Your Brain

 - Feb 19, 2013
References: neatoshop & mashable
If you're of the belief that the only thing that would make cinematic classics like Wizard of Oz or Fight Club better is a little dose of the living dead, then these undead movie posters will consume your brain -- figuratively of course.

These undead movie posters by Matt Busch are fiendishly clever in their zombification of classic films. From the 'Walking Dead of Oz,' to 'Fight of the Living Dead Club,' to 'Deadward Scissorhands,' these are some undead remakes that I only wish were coming to a theater near you.

These aren't just some Photoshop jobs that someone uploaded onto the internet for some undead movie fun; the entire collection is available for purchase. That means you have a 'Star Wars: The Corpse Wars' poster to call your own!