These Minimalist Kick-Ass Posters Will Surely Excite Fans

 - Jun 8, 2013
References: geektyrant
These minimalist Kick-Ass posters will get fans of the comics and the franchise ecstatic for the upcoming summer movie.

The Avengers, Superman and all those other superhero flicks that came out earlier this year all showcased protagonists that embodied larger-than life personas. The Kick-Ass films also showcase those similar traits, but in a fashion that’s more realistic.

These minimalist poster designs created by ad agency OSKOUI+OSKOUI, Inc., showcase several of the characters in the upcoming summer movie. The minimalist movie poster design showcases the distinct characteristics of each character according to the ad agency. The posters feature Kick-Ass, Hit Girl, Colonel Stars and Stripes, Doctor Gravity, Mother Russia, Black Death and more.

Showcasing the characters in minimalist designs brings out a certain "je ne sais quoi" that fans will love.