Your Favorite Shows and Movies Get an Adorable Muppet Infusion

These adorable Muppet posters go to show that the consistently popular Muppet brand is still going strong since its introduction in the 70s.

The late and great Jim Henson's creations invade your favorite movies and TV shows in these muppetized movie posters from Kevin Durkin. It doesn't matter if the subject matter is a gruesomely violent horror show like the Wocka-Wocka-ing Dead, a psychadelic drug-fueled comedy like the Big Bowwowowski, a fantasy epic like the Fellowship of the Muppets, or more family-oriented fare like the Ghostmuppets, seeing these hilariously adorable Muppet posters will mean that you may never look at these shows and movies quite the same way again.

Somebody needs to get working Muppets, Inc. right now.