Neil Kellerhouse Reinterprets Famous Film Promotional Material

 - Mar 20, 2013
References: kellerhouse & thefoxisblack
Movie posters are intricately designed and go through extensive retouching, which is exactly what artist Neil Kellerhouse has done to this collection of famous film posters. However, Kellerhouse himself doesn't work for the production companies that represent the films, but is instead a separate person who is putting his own touch on the designs.

A personal favorite of mine is the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo reedition that blends the silhouette of Rooney Mara with Daniel Craig's face. Text is completely omitted and only adds to the dramatic aesthetic. There are several others in the collection by Kellerhouse and add a certain flair to each individual creation that makes them look even more stunning than the original designs that went to print. Kellerhouse is clearly a master of his craft and it's no doubt that film buffs and designers alike will appreciate his work.