- Jan 28, 2014
Any video game enthusiast looking to infuse their love for consoles and classic characters into their home is in luck, because these geeky decor ideas for gamers will offer some fantastically nostalgic themes.

While video games and consoles are constantly evolving to provide enhanced imagery and improved gamer experiences, sometimes it's nice to just revert back to old school games which were much more simple and straight-forward. These decor ideas offer hardcore gamers the chance to pay tribute to classic games from the past and present, allowing them to incorporate that playful sentiment into their home.

From plush pillows that are shaped like iconic Tetris pieces to 8-bit seating solutions and Nintendo furnishings, these geeky decor ideas will definitely delight any gamer looking to showcase their love for video games.

From Gamer Ghost Quilts to 8-Bit Gamer Seating: