The Chrono Trigger Wall Art is Made Out of 47,096 Crafting Beads

 - Dec 4, 2012
References: reddit & kotaku
The Chrono Trigger wall art is made by Reddit user Tannon and his devoted girlfriend. Together they put in two years of dexterous labor to artistically place 47,096 beads to depict the fantasy landscape of the role play retro video game.

There is even a little Chrono figure walking among the beaded valley heading towards a village. From afar, the tribute mural just appears like a pixel image that captures the Squaresoft Super Nintendo game at the height of all its glory. It isn’t until you close up on the detailed image that you are able to make out the colorful beads and the tiny hollow holes that give them away.

For those who adore the Chrono Trigger wall art and have the patience to make their own, it will only take you two years -- a little less if you enlist the help of more than one person.