This Cat Jungle Gym is Straight Out of Super Mario World

 - Aug 6, 2013
References: etsy & neatorama
CatastrophiCreations' cat jungle gym was inspired by the world of ‘Super Mario’ and is literally a dream come true for gamer fans and feline lovers alike. The jungle gym is perfect for those curious cats who are always looking for another adventure. What better place for them to find it than in a scene straight out of a video game?

Sporting the iconic boxed question mark, the creative design inspires the desire to jump underneath it just like you would do when playing the game. It will be hilarious to watch as your feline companion jumps into the infamous flower pots with the idea that they might be transported to a whole new world. Such a clever creation certainly deserves recognition, both for its authentic 'Super Mario' design and its efficacy as a cat jungle gym.