- Feb 1, 2014
Fashion maintains its front-runner position for the top 2013 DIY trends. With that being said, however, the idea of "doing it yourself" has spread to a wide variety of other markets, creating truly customized and unique experiences for consumers.

An area outside of fashion experiencing a boom in do-it-yourself projects is home decor. This year marks a massive turn in home owners taking personal control over the way their space looks and feels. Projects range from a variety of lighting endeavors to wall art and patio furniture. Products that allow consumers to customize a living space -- big or small -- is becoming increasingly popular. An added appeal to these projects is the amount of money they save individuals.

This idea is exceptionally apparent in upcylcing. Consumers can now transform products they already own -- from a bench to a pair of tights and even Christmas lights -- to create a new, 100 percent one-of-a-kind product for a fraction of the cost of buying something new.

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From DIY Tassel Garland to Upcycled Car Scrap Benches: