Pull Out Your Old T-Shirts to Make This Edgy DIY Graphic Tank Top

If you have any old, baggy T-shirts you no longer wear, pull them out and transform them into this pretty DIY graphic tank. This pictorial on iLovetoCreate.com walks you through the process of using ScreenIt, a fabric-printing technology, as well as how to cut and pin the tank top to spice it up.

The neat thing about ScreenIt is that you can personally choose any image to put on your shirt—simply print out a photo off the web using a printer. A more challenging part of it might be finding a that is pitch dark, with absolutely no projection of light. You will be using only a yellow light bulb as your source of light.

The creators at iLovetoCreate will remind you of even the littlest details for a great DIY result; for instance, make sure you cut the back of your t-shirt lower than the front.