These Ornate Jewelry Pieces are Perfect for New Year's Eve Outfits

 - Dec 8, 2014
It's never too early to plan your New Years Eve outfit and these festive statement necklaces will help take any look to the next level. Whether donning a sequined party frock or a classic little black dress, a bold jewelry piece is the best way to enhance one's look.

From edgy rocker adornments to spectacular crystal accessories, these jewelry pieces will make your New Years Eve outfit one to remember. Standouts from this list include architectural accessories that boast sharp and triangular shapes. These statement pieces are perfect for edgier fashion lovers and are more understated in their look.

If you're a fan of classic opulence, give a crystal or stone-accented necklace a try. These bolder pieces are loud and festive, making them perfect for New Years celebrations.