Parme Marin Designs Handmade Recycled Jewelry for the Adventurous Girl

 - May 17, 2013
References: parmemarin
French designer Parme Marin is a quintessential material mash-up artiste creating jewelry pieces from recycled materials like leather, beads and metals to animal bones, pelts and cartilage based on her worldly travels and finds.

With a talent for creating patterns and constructions that transcend all cultures, Parme Marin’s latest collection ‘Plastronomie’ includes the use of stiff silk, bone and leather to create elegantly oversized draping statement necklaces. The colors range from earthy browns, grays and blues to washed-out whites and muddy oranges that perfectly complement the use of natural materials. The ‘Plastronomie’ collection ultimately focuses on creating minimal, organic and structured works of wearable art that are simply embellished and eye-catchingly bold.

Parme Marin’s statement necklaces are designed for the street-chic girl who isn’t afraid to rock bold pieces and make a big statement with her accessories.