These Joomi Lim Accessories Play with All Your Emotions

 - Jun 2, 2013
References: e-shop.joomilim
Joomi Lim accessories are beautifully hand made pieces that show off your individual style. The newest collection -- like her previous collections -- consists of bright, fun and colorful pieces that are twisted and tied together in a remarkably refreshing way.

For this particular collection, the designer was inspired by split personalities. This inspiration is apparent most prominently in the necklaces. When the left side of a piece is neat and tidy the right side is a conglomeration of twisted and weaving materials. The contrast between the left and right side of each necklace is striking when the piece is worn on its own.

Designer Joomi Lim is known for her statement jewelry pieces and this collection is the most stunning yet. If you know someone who is moody, give them one of these bold pieces. If you happen to have a split personality, wearing one of these necklaces could warn others so they know what to expect.