Embellish Your Ear with an Intricate Ear Cuff with This Simple DIY

 - May 31, 2013
References: trinketsinbloom & trinketsinbloom
Although an ear cuff may sound like something crime-related, it is actually a beautiful statement piece. Essentially, an ear cuff is a bold piece of metals or jewels that wraps around a good portion of your ear. Unlike traditional earrings, they take up a substantial part of your ear and cartilage without the burden of stretching out your piercing. It is a creative approach to jewelry, for those who want to switch up their ear embellishments from traditional earrings to something more peculiar. This step-by-step pictorial by Trinkets in Bloom will help you get a head start on this recent fad.

All it takes is bold vintage earrings or brooches and some wire. Fasten the wire to your choice of trinket so that it snugly hooks onto the fold of your ear. Celebrities and fashion icons like Miranda Kerr and Rihanna have been spotted sporting similar extravagant ear pieces.