Logan Pearce's Stylish Knives are to Die For

 - Mar 20, 2013
References: sweetpeachblog
Cutting something will never be the same after you use one of knife maker Logan Pearce's custom designed blades that see this Arizona native combining rustic handles with new razor-sharp edges to create these stylish knives.

Pearce specializes in fashioning knives out of everyday, unremarkable objects. Some examples of materials he's used are wrenches, rebar, horseshoes and even railroad spikes. The great thing about Pearce's sharp designs is that each knife has been fashioned into a functional tool while still giving a hint as to what it once was.

Some of my favorites of this set are the wrench-knife and the railroad spike fashioned into an ax because they make you aware of what you're cutting while reminding you of the history of your tool. By adding a bit of creativity to the mix, these stylish knives translate the process of slicing into art.