- Feb 20, 2014
If you're a fan of mythical creatures and fantasy-themed decor, then these design ideas for dragon lovers will definitely capture your interest with all their whimsically imaginative inspirations.

With such shows as the Game of Thrones gaining such massive fan followings worldwide, significant characters and elements of the series have amazingly become ingrained within pop culture. One of the most talked about leads of the show is Khaleesi, who is also known as the "Mother of Dragons." Infamous for her brash techniques and control over mythical creatures, this striking female character has brought the popularity of old school fantasy creatures back into the spotlight, causing brands to infuse these themes into their designs.

From dragon-themed wall decals to mythical statues, these whimsical decor ideas will definitely satisfy anyone fascinated with legendary creatures.

From Fantasy Creature Wall Panels to Mythical Creature Carafes: