This Easy-to-Make Accessory is Full of Color and Creativity

When it comes to adding your own unique touch to your overall outfit, jewelry is a great way to add a touch of pizzazz and originality, and these adorable DIY mini crayon necklaces are full of color and childhood touches perfect for any arts and crafts aficionado.

Colored pencils are often the type of drawing utensils associated with children and youths, and this DIY project is such a clever way to infuse those vibrant and striking colors into your accessory pieces. Simply gather up a few colored pencils of your choice, a wire, sharpener and a drill. The given tutorial by Mariëlle, who is a guest blogger from 'Magical Day Dream,' showcases how you can cut these pencils down to size, allowing you to string them up into a cute necklace piece.

Featured on the blog 'Caught on a Whim,' this DIY activity infuses color and outside-the-box materials to create something truly mesmerizing.