These Braided Bracelets are Made Using Cut Up Vintage T-Shirts

 - Jul 15, 2013
References: henryhappened
For those looking to add some creative flair to their accessories collection, these DIY braided t-shirt bracelets are a quick, simple and easy way to create your own jewelry from discarded shirts you no longer wear. The end result is a bunch of these colorful braided bracelets that you can customize to match any outfit and won’t cost you anything to make.

Using an old t-shirt, cut out three long strands, knot them together and add three pieces of colored string. Then all you have to do is braid the string and fabric strips till the braid is long enough to wrap around your arm. To clasp the ends together, this t-shirt bracelet creatively uses magnets that the user can glue on using superglue. Not only is this bracelet super easy to take on and off, if it ever gets dirty you can throw it in the laundry machine for a quick wash.