- Jul 14, 2015
No-sew DIYs make fun and simple crafts that can be performed by anyone. Whether the maker is a skilled sewer or not, these projects can be designed by their crafty hands.

While most fashion DIYs require a sewing machine, there is a rare group of crafts that can be designed without one. A scarf handbag is perfect for beachy bohemian looks and is created by simply tying a few knots with an old scarf. Also utilizing an old scarf, DIY camera straps allow the consumer to sport their camera in any style they choose.

These no-sew DIYs also include tech-friendly accessories that require minimal materials. Envelope laptop holders require fabric and ribbon, while a DIY smartphone cuff uses a placemat and two hair elastics.

From DIY Smartphone Cuffs to Stylish Scarf Watches: