Personalize a Plain Onesie with These No-Sew Embellishments

 - Jun 15, 2013
References: ilovetocreateblog.blogspot
Simple baby clothes can look very similar to all the rest, which is why these no-sew embellishments are a sentimental touch to any baby's outfit. This simple DIY from the iLovetoCreate blog is fun, quick and doesn't require a sewing machine or needle and thread.

The blogger uses fabric adhesives to attain a hand-sewn embellished look. Using a strip of lace and a line of fabric fusion, you can prettily decorate the sleeves and another linings of an outfit. The creator also uses a piece of leather she had lying around to transform it into an adorable babywear embellishment. The leather is cut and touched up with fabric markers, then sealed onto fabric using seamless adhesives. This DIY would make a very thoughtful baby shower gift.