This Simple DIY Tutorial Turns an Average Scarf into a Chic Headpiece

 - Jun 28, 2013
A great way to survive the hot summer heat is to tie up your hair with a chic accessory, and if you're looking to make one of your own, then these upcycled scarf headbands will offer you some great tips on how to utilize garments you already have.

While putting your hair up in a bun isn't the most attractive of hairstyles, it certainly is one of the more comfy ones, and these DIY headbands will help turn that ordinary hairdo into a stylishly put together look. The given tutorial showcases how you can create this chic accessory with just a few simple materials such as an old scarf, scissors and some wires.

Featured on the site ',' this fun DIY activity is a great way to turn something you most likely already have into a brand new hair accessory.