- Feb 4, 2014
If you happen to be in the market to spoil your furry companions with something playfully unique, then these eccentric pet toys will definitely offer you some quirky options for keeping your pets entertained.

Providing dogs with chew toys and cats with lasers is surely a practical way to keep them occupied, but opting for an eccentric design serves to make the process much more enjoyable, especially for the owner. A playful way to add some humor and variety to your pet's life, these eccentric toy designs will definitely make an ordinary outing or indoor activity more exciting.

From doggie chew toys that resemble a pair of grinning lips to paint sets that promote feline creativity, these eccentric toys will surely entice any pet owner in the mood to offer their furry friends something different to play with.

From Goofy Grinning Pet Toys to Undead Dog Toys: