The WithMe Bone by Yunfan Tan Comforts Doggies When Their Owners are Away

 - Oct 11, 2011
References: & dog-milk
It's so sad to hear your dog whimper at the door when you leave the house, but the WithMe Bone will dry your pet's eye with its smelly feature to keep them happy all day.

Designed by Yunfan Tan, this piece was born when the creator/dog owner needed to solve his pooch's problem of separation anxiety. He found that his own socks were a good solution because pets love the smell of their owners, especially the scent of their feet. Although it may sound gross, it worked like a charm and so, the concept was born.

The WithMe Bone is an empty doggie toy with tiny holes all over it. It opens up at one end so that you can place your smelly sock inside of it, allowing your pup to sniff and gnaw at it, making them feel like they're with you all the time.