Irrational Games Offers Players Eight Different BioShock Covers

 - Apr 11, 2013
References: bioshockinfinite & irrationalgames
Video game fans can be a fickle bunch, thumbing their noses up at something as inconsequential as game covers and artwork.

Fortunately, the makers of BioShock Infinite know that gamers want to express themselves in every way possible, so the folks at Irrational Games have created eight new game covers for their incredibly popular BioShock Infinite game. There's a slew of unique and interesting designs, several of which I believe are better than the official cover art for the game. In a nice move in terms of customer satisfaction, the high resolution printable covers come with a full set of instructions so that home printers don't end up wasting sheets of glossy paper.

It's nice to see a game company listen to their customers and give an option like this for gamers, for free no less. The alternate game covers are available at Irrational Games' website.