- Feb 1, 2014
As the top branding trends in 2013 show, brands have taken to their packaging designs to enhance -- and even provide entirely new -- consumer experiences. Businesses are incorporating both interactive and personalized elements into their branding strategies to create memorable, one-of-a-kind interactions.

Two noteworthy patterns in branding trends in 2013 are luxury and literal packaging. Fast food brands, beer companies and ordinary snack brands are transforming the perception of their products through luxuriously minimalistic packaging. From modular tea gift boxes t posh alcohol purse packaging, companies are completely transforming the way their products are perceived and experienced.

Brands are also creating literal branding for their products to stand out among competitors. Cookies wrapped in oven-mimicking boxes and food products with packaging designs that line up to create an image directly related to the brand are just a couple of examples for this strategy.

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