COBAG Coffee Packaging Features a Range of Styles for Different Tastes

 - May 3, 2013
References: blog.naver & packagingoftheworld
While working on the brand identity for COBAG Coffee packaging, designer Rhie HyoJeong of South Korea likened consumers' beverage preferences to their tastes in other spheres. Particularly, a reference was made to fashion, influencing the stylish image of this range of flavorful beans.

A simple illustrated coffee cup is included on every irregular carton, topped with froth, whipped cream or coffee beans. Drawn in front of these are pictures of handbags with colorful handles; however, the suggestion of fashionable individuality is pronounced in the shapes that the COBAG Coffee packaging takes. Many of the products' varieties are contained within unique boxes that would appeal aesthetically to different people. Those without much of a taste for java might opt to shop based on looks.