The Pen2 Has a Pair of Functions Designed to Better Furnish Your Desktop

 - Feb 19, 2013
A well-equipped workstation is often the site of incredible clutter as containers, trays and drawers are often filled with writing utensils and devices of all sorts. Designer Diletta Orlandi strove to reduce the number of items that collect in and on top of one's desk by coming up with a product called the Pen2, boasting a dual function.

The writing implement has a ballpoint tip and an average length, but it broadens towards its top end. Here, a flash drive has been installed, storing data within the shaft of the scribbler. A little cap covers the USB connector to protect it. Diletta Orlandi gave her Pen2 a bright blue color with a yellow lid. Specifically, it's been created with the Rotary Club and its colors in mind, featuring the familiar logo.