Eat & Go Packaging Can Be Conveniently Compressed with Every Bite

 - Jan 21, 2013
References: & packagingoftheworld
Few people are talented enough to conquer a subway sandwich or a burrito on the go without making a bit of a mess. Eat&Go packaging gives more people the chance to keep a clean shirt and hands when folded paper wrappers just don't cut it.

Where you would be peeling bits of foil down from one end of your meal, this clever concept simply shrinks in length to accommodate each coming bite. The plastic of the snack tubes would be manufactured with bellows from end to end, enabling an easy and gradual compression. Once you've come to your last mouthful, the container is so compact that you can fit it in your pocket for temporary storage and later reuse. Frutodashiki's Eat&Go packaging has been similarly designed for drink bottles as well.