- Jun 19, 2015
These convenient food examples range from portable quinoa cups to gourmet takeout kits that are perfect for those leading a busy lifestyle. In today's fast-paced world, practicality is key when dining out or grabbing a quick bite in between meetings. These packaging innovations include single-served and bottled soup containers that are hearty and filling when commuting or during days that don't leave room for a lengthy lunch break.

Other convenient food and beverage favorites include libations that are pocket-sized and compact. These include liquor pouches and single serve wine packs that are great for camping and cottage trips or for those looking to consume less alcoholic.

Moreover, portion-controlling packages ensure one is sticking to caloric restrictions while single-serve vitamin shots are beneficial for those who enjoy making smoothies and health drinks frequently.

From Portable Quinoa Cups to Gourmet Takeout Kits: