Mue Wine Packaging Would Sell Individual Portions of Alcoholic Beverages

The folks behind Mue Wine are aware that younger drinkers aren't always interested in purchasing a whole bottle, which is where the idea for single-serve wine came from. As students themselves, Coline Kupiec and her classmates at design school in Nantes, France, came up with an idea to package whites and reds in individual glass portions, in addition to larger containers for sharing within groups.

PVC material keeps the alcoholic contents protected, yet it's manipulatable enough to enable hexagonal angles to be molded. For both the tall and the short versions of Mue Wine cartons, the lids are angled to enable easy pouring to keep the social lubricant flowing. To complete this fresh design for the market of 18 to 25-year-olds, the base was kept white and contemporary striped patterns were applied in yellow.