This Single-Serving Flatbread is Wrapped with Reference to Its Ingredients

The box of this artisanal rice pizza might look at first to take the shape of an artist's palette, but once you discover the recipe, a different reference is served up. Featuring a nutritious assortment of ingredients on a gluten-free rice flour base, you'll come to recognize the form of a single organic grain.

The all-white carton has a peel-back opening to provide a visual of the Japanese product as well as crafty access to it. Exercising the contemporary style of minimalist packaging, Masahiro Minami Design only put ink on the inside. The green pigment alludes to the freshness and healthiness of the premade frozen food, as well as the relative eco-friendliness of the box. This on-the-go gourmet rice pizza is perfect as a quick vegetarian meal for one that can be cooked in a toaster oven in a pinch.