Gold Mine Beer Branding Serves Up the Bar Experience Wherever You Are

 - Oct 2, 2013
References: svoemnenie & packagingoftheworld
If you glanced quickly at Gold Mine Beer packaging the first time, it might have actually tricked you into thinking that it was a full pint glass. Look again, however, and you'll notice that the bottom of the vessel looks like the base of a pop bottle.

The client, Gold Mine Beer Zhivoe, hoped to communicate its pride that this product is Russia's first premium live beer. The theme of freshness was thus explored, and the goal was to make the bottled beverage appear as though it's been readily available on tap. Svoe Mnenie's creative team developed a PET glass of booze with a large white cap that would take on the look of a fresh foamy head. How great would it feel to drink from Gold Mine Beer packaging on your very own porch?