From Literary Liquor Labels to Art Deco Alcohol Packaging

 - Jul 15, 2014
Literary liquor labels, Art Deco bottle designs and wine inspired brews are just some of these premium beer branding examples. For the majority, beer branding reminds one of sports, beautiful women and cottage trips with friends. While mainstream beer brands are often known to push this type of imagery in their TV ads and marketing campaigns, these premium breweries are choosing a different approach and embracing artisan design details.

Whether looking to the past for inspiration or infusing their bottle designs with artful graphics, these premium beer branding examples embody elegance and are not only recognized for their taste, but also for their tasteful branding.

Notable examples from this list include Avant Red Flander Ale's wine bottle inspired branding and Tomat Design JC Lager that boasts a sophisticated and nautically themed design.