BBROOD Packaging Leaves Over-Designed Competitors Out to Dry

 - Feb 21, 2013
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A great shift is occurring in the world of packaging in which designers are starting to simplify the brand identities of products. BBROOD packaging embodies the lovely clarity that likely arose from the rejection of the increasingly chaotic appearances of food wrappers.

Working with Bureau Stoer, Iconic Design devised a very minimalist approach to containing and displaying a line of cookies and crackers for the Amsterdam bakery. Clear plastic pouches were chosen to hold neat stacks and clusters of the scrumptious snacks, labeled quite delicately by pieces of paper that have been creased over the their tops. The most endearing aspect of BBROOD packaging is definitely the little wooden clothespins that pinch the cards in place, delivering the impression that the delicious goods have the comforting quality of homemade treats.