Famous Icons are Reinterpreted in These Astonishing Portrait

 - May 9, 2013
References: telegraph & visualnews
If you've ever wondered what famous people from the past would look like if they were alive now, UK's history channel has got you covered with these modern historical figure portraits. Using paintings of famous figures like William Shakespeare and Marie Antoinette, artists worked with historians to create modern equivalents.

Commissioned to promote the television network's new series called 'Secret Life Of,' the paintings depict historical figures with modern fashion and technology. The modernized portrait of Admiral Lord Nelson was given a prosthetic arm and dressed in modern military garb. Henry VIII was tanned and dressed in a tailored navy suit. Mary Antoinette was given breast implants and placed in a modern dress.

Though entertaining, these portraits also provide a comparison between past and current norms.The artists have cleverly highlighted flaws in our modern society with their reinterpretation of historical figures.