No Two Coca Luxury Chocolates Taste the Same

 - Jan 16, 2013
References: bessermachen & lovelypackage
Design studio Bessermachen gave the new line of Coca Luxury Chocolates a personality boost through creative packaging design.

The chocolates come in 12 delectable flavors, each one very different from the rest, just like the differences between the characters of a story book. Because of their highly individual tastes and appearances, it only makes sense to give each type of chocolate its own personality. 'The King' has a gilded appearance, 'The Innocent' is coated in white powder, 'The Rebel' has a reddish appearance and so on. Each one comes with a quote suitable to its characteristics by a famous person in history. Each type comes in its own color of box.

Perhaps your favorite flavors from the Coca Luxury Chocolates say something about your own personality.