- Feb 18, 2015
Simple savory snacks like chips or an extra plate of french fries for the table just isn't going to cut it anymore. Whether it's something sweet or a salty side, appealing appetizers are all about the mash-up. Increasingly, recipes that combine two or more existing dishes are popping up, resulting in some truly extraordinary (and sometimes unappealing) food hybrids.

Following the cronut (croissant and donut), many savory snacks have a pastry base, as seen with everything bagel eclairs, cheesy bacon-topped pastries and spicy ramen donuts. On the reverse side, some are taking classic savory options like chicken wings and adding s'more ingredients, such as campfire-themed wings, chocolate marshmallow poutines and confectionery campfire bacon. Mexican cuisine is another popular component, for example Tex-Mex sushi rolls, Mexican mash-up flat bread, salty chocolate nachos, quesadilla pizza recipes and Chorizo Fundido Poutines.

From Bacon-Weaved Macaroni Quesadillas to Peculiar Poutine Sushi: