One Percent Shoes Packaging is Part Cardboard and Part Wood

 - Mar 12, 2013
References: & lovelypackage
Card and plastic is a common combination when it comes to product wrappers, so it's unusual and welcome to see something like One Percent shoes packaging. The long boxes designed to hold higher-end sneakers are composed of one half wood while the other is a thick recyclable cardboard.

The two pieces fit together at and angled connection to create visual intrigue and to establish a memorable experience of opening the carton. A thick and colorful acrylic band hugs the middle where they merge, keeping the container closed tightly.

Eight people, including Ryan Romanes, worked on One Percent shoes packaging. Each stage of the manufacturing process was left to a specialist, be he an expert in carpentry, engraving, wood routing, card folding or branding. The goal was to carefully craft a box that would appeal to an upscale consumer; the 1% percent.