W-Bags Split into a Pair of Compartments to Store Snack Scraps

 - Nov 14, 2013
References: red-dot.sg
There are many favorite snacks that produce waste while you're consuming them, and this can present a problem for the eater and his environment. W-Bags have been designed to bring increased convenience to the public munching of nuts, sunflower seeds and melon seeds, providing people with a place to discard unwanted shells.

Ma Xiaohua, Zhu Qingxiang, Wan Ke and Professor Guo Xing came up with the idea to make the packaging for such products open up across the middle. Since most pouches of chips and crackers are only filled to half capacity anyway, this method makes sense. Simply split the W-Bags open and fold the top half down to the side. This creates a second pocket for trash and discourages unnecessary littering.