From Revealing Honey Boxes to Pie Chart Packaging

 - Jun 17, 2015
Each of these window-infused packaging designs reveals a little bit of what exactly is contained inside. The window allows the consumer to have a personal sneak-peek at what they are about to purchase. This style of packaging is popular among food products. Customers like to see the trail mix, pasta or tea before they buy it.

The window-infused packages are also a fun way to play with the branding and label. For example, 'Justnuts' is a company that packages trail mix and to showcase its organic snacks, it uses a package shaped like a tree with a window that appears to reveal a group of squirrels enjoying the all-natural snack.

Another way to use window packaging is by creating a plain design and using the product as the main focus. For example, STILE12's sock box packaging uses a clear window to show the consumer the different colors and style of mosaic socks contained inside.