The Tribal Aesthetic of These Edibles Sets It Apart from Competing Brands

 - Mar 11, 2015
References: & packagingoftheworld
Without taking advantage of vivid ink colors and unconventionally shaped containers, Exotic Snacks packaging has managed to assume an image that stands out from the rest. Student designer Per Nessani from Sweden chose earthy tones like muted pinky-mauve, eggplant and a pale mustard yellow, creating sealed bags that take on anthropomorphic appearances.

A window has been cut in to the front of each sachet, designed to look like the open mouth of an illustrated character or totem. Through the thin and clear sheet, you can see the healthy contents of the Exotic Snacks packaging, just below geometric sketches that suggest noses, eyes, and even face paint. These tribal sacks sell wholesome banana, yogurt and cocoa treats for consumption by children, with out-of-the-ordinary appearances that appeal to parents and their little ones alike.