The Vogeleieren Eggs Packaging Celebrates Speckled Textures

 - Dec 20, 2013
References: mattbrighton & packagingoftheworld
Consumers have gotten used to enticement attempts through product wrappers for all sorts of different goods, so much so that many lose sight of how beautiful many naturally made items can be. Vogeleieren Eggs packaging does a successful job of containing a small collection of hen-laid edibles, while incorporates generous gaps that allow you to see how they look.

A staple food has been elevated to a luxury one by Matt Brighton's gorgeous design. These egg cartons are folded from satiny black paper to take pitched tops with long windows on both sides. The hard card labels are wrapped around just the middles, and in some cases displaying gilded lettering. Vogeleieren Eggs packaging features the spotted and speckled shells of ducks, gulls and chickens.