Ingredissimo Packaging Expresses Rich and Colored Texture in Circular Piles

 - Dec 13, 2013
References: & packagingoftheworld
The look of Ingredissimo packaging demonstrates that you don't actually require a prominent and consistent logo to tie a broad range of products together; rather, a common theme is sufficient to assert the relationship between various items of the same brand family.

When Lo Siento of Spain designed the little boxes for this line of culinary condiments, the studio settled on the continuous image of a circle to mark every different flavor. Tomato crunch, gummy fruits, ground toffee and dried vegetables have all be tucked into the same white cartons with tiny windows to reveal the scrumptious spices, medleys and toppings within. Ingredissimo packaging features a richly colored and textural ring on top of each box, created by carefully arranging the contents into O-shaped piles.