- Oct 8, 2014
These innovative fruit products range from laser-etched product to eccentrically flavored marshmallow treats. Fresh fruit is one of the easiest ways to fill your body with the vitamins you need for a healthy life. Not only are fresh fruits incredibly healthy but they're also equally as delicious, making them a popular ingredient for brands who are creating healthier snack options or food-preserving products.

A standout from this list of innovative fruit products is Japan's limited edition Hello Kitty melon that features a laser-etched graphic of the iconic cartoon cat. The fruit comes in a collector's box and is a treat that fans will want to purchase. Along with the cartoon character melon, another fun example from this list are Frutteto Strawberries, berries that are stuffed with strawberry gelato ice cream.

From Laser-Etched Produce to Eccentrically Flavored Marshmallows: