The PriO Sustainable Juicer Turns its Organic Waste into Custom Cups

 - Oct 2, 2013
References: electroluxdesignlab
If I told you that the PriO Sustainable Juicer was waste-free and that it didn't require any cleaning, wouldn't you wonder where all of the edible remnants would end up? Well, once you've concocted your favorite medley of fruits and vegetables, the kitchen appliance proceeds to clean itself and store all of those messy leftovers.

With this organic waste, designer Kristina Liaskovskaia decided that her culinary invention should produce drinking vessels. You would certainly not expect it, but part of this compact Electrolux contraption is an integrated 3D printer that facilitates the materialization of little mugs. Unused pulp and resin are combined by the PriO Sustainable Juicer into a biodegradable substance that's sculpted into a drinking glass design of your choosing.