Naturea Puts a Gourmet Spin on Its Delicious Dog Food Branding

The Naturea Dogs Biscuits takes a rather gourmet approach with its dog food branding and part of the reasoning Dora Azevedo of The Grain Free Company took this route was "to be totally different in comparison with other players."

The all-black packaging has hardly any indication that its treats are meant for dogs, except for the text that reads "biscuits for dogs" and that the treats are shaped into the classic bone shapes.

Since the treats all look fairly similar from the clear plastic that offers a peek at the actual items inside the bag, they are distinguished by the front labels. The decadent packaging shows off the sumptuous ingredients that make up the dog biscuits, including a variety of fruits, savory combinations like tomato, olive oil and parmesan, plus yoghurt, malt and honey. The packaging might even make some humans jealous, because it makes the treats look so appealing.